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Variable Pathlength Slope Spectroscopy


C Tecnologies Inc.

The SoloVPE System is the technological innovation behind the Slope Spectroscopy® technique


Unlike traditional UV-Vis methods that rely on a single Absolute Absorbance value, Slope Spectroscopy methods use Section Data (Absorbance vs. Pathlength Data) to determine a slope value for quantitation of sample concentration using the Slope Spectroscopy Equation (m = ec) which is derived from the Beer-Lambert Law.

The variable pathlength technology in the SoloVPE allows even highly concentrated samples to be measured usually without dilution and baseline correction. The internationally patented SoloVPE is being deployed throughout global organizations allowing them to realize increased accuracy while saving time and money.


  • No Dilutions
  • Slope based measurements based on R2 of .999 or higher
  • No Baseline Correction / No Buffer
  • Guaranteed data in linear range of Beer’s Law
  • Common Platform UV
  • Repeatability : ± 2%
  • Less than 1 minute per sample reading
  • Antibody Concentration Range: .01 mg/ml to 300 mg/ml
  • Minimum volume: < 20 μl (Concentration Dependent)
  • Pathlength range: 0.005 mm – 15 mm (Smallest Resolution: 0.005 mm (5 μm)
  • Wavelength range: 190nm – 1100nm
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software

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