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The most versatile and powerful thermal desorption unit
UNITY-xr™ is an industry-leading analytical​ TD instrument for the simultaneous analysis of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally labile compounds collected onto sorbent tubes.

In contrast to other thermal desorption units, UNITY-xr quantitatively re-collects samples for re-analysis or storage, enhancing sample security. UNITY-xr also features an electrically cooled cold trap, dispensing with the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogen.

Product benefits

  • Quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis, UNITY-xr offers simple method/data validation and overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems.
  • Analyse the widest possible range of VOCs and SVOCs in a single run, including reactive and thermally labile species.
  • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for cryogen.
  • UNITY-xr offers unmatched analytical performance for the widest range of TD applications.
  • Additional modules allow automation of multiple tubes, canisters and on-line samples, making UNITY-xr the perfect platform for expansion as the needs of your lab grow.
  • The desorber complies with key standards such as US EPA Method TO-17.
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