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Technology: GC-TOF and GC-QTOF

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TOF-DS is an intuitive software platform for BenchTOF mass spec instruments when coupled with gas chromatographs, which incorporates full instrument control and comprehensive data-processing tools

TOF-DS™ is an intuitive software platform for BenchTOF instruments with Agilent, Thermo or Shimadzu gas chromatographs, incorporating full instrument control and comprehensive data-processing tools.
Finding compounds in chromatograms that previously escaped notice
TOF-DS incorporates advanced features such as:
Dynamic baseline compensation (DBC),
Spectral deconvolution,
Effortless qual-to-quant workflow,
ChromCompare® chromatographic comparison capability.
These exceptional capabilities perfectly complement the fundamental performance and information-rich data generated by BenchTOF – maximising the quantity and quality of results while saving hours of data processing.
Real-time data processing for increased productivity
TOF-DS incorporates real-time data processing, allowing peaks to be deconvolved, identified and quantified on-the-fly as the acquisition proceeds. This greatly simplifies and speeds up routine requirements such as method development and analysis of urgent samples.
Why should you use TOF-DS?
Unique and powerful functionality for optimising data quality and productivity:
Remove interferences with dynamic baseline compensation (DBC).
Find hidden peaks with advanced deconvolution.
Automated chemical profiling with ChromCompare®.
On-the-fly data processing gives access to data in near-real-time, offering rapid turnaround on urgent samples and fast method development.
‘Unlockable’ method parameters allow analytical conditions to be modified within a sequence without developing and storing multiple methods, simplifying method development.
Uncluttered user interface optimised for fast data review
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