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Laser Ablation Analyte G2 Excimer Laser - SRA Instruments

Laser Ablation Analyte G2 Excimer Laser

Technology:Laser Ablation

Teledyne CETAC Technologies

CETAC Technologies and Photon Machines joined forces back in June 2010 with a view to advance laser ablation technology for elemental analysis, and to offer a full range of products globally.


The Analyte G2 system delivers finely controlled, flat (homogenized) ablations with high sensitivity and split second response for shot-to-shot, spatially resolved analyses. Fire-on-the-fly lasing triggered by the stage motion controller provides depth profiling of lines and raster areas like never before. The G2 features a color HD zoom video microscope plus a live, wide field of view, sample map camera for fast navigation of the sample cell.

The combination of ultra-short pulse length and 193nm wavelength is unsurpassed in coupling efficiency. As a result the G2 yields higher peak energy for total ablation, producing smaller particles that ionize readily with less noise and fractionation than lar​ge format excimer lasers. The G2 ablates all materials, from opaque to highly transparent, including delicate powders, hard quartz, and resilient carbonates, with depth penetration in the 10’s of nanometers per shot. Thirty (30) spot size selections ranging from ~1 μm to ~400 μm make the G2 a highly versatile instrument with unique capabilities, ideal for both micro-feature and bulk analysis.

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