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Laser Ablation Analyte Excite Excimer

CETAC Technologies and Photon Machines joined forces back in June 2010 with a view to advance laser ablation technology for elemental analysis, and to offer a full range of products globally.


The Analyte Excite offers excimer technology at 193 nm with all the analytical capabilities you require, and a price you can afford. The Excite delivers finely controlled, “homogenizer-flat” ablations with high sensitivity and split second response. Fire-on-the-fly lasing that is synchronized to the stage motion, combined with fast washout ablation cells, make precision depth profiling of spots, lines and areas possible and enables high spatial resolution elemental mapping. The Excite is equipped with a high definition, color GigE camera on a high magnification, optical zoom, video-microscope capable of resolving 2 μm features. Transmitted, reflective and ring illumination, cross polarizers plus software selectable camera settings give the user enhanced viewing capabilities. The combination of ultra-short pulse length and 193 nm wavelength is unsurpassed in coupling efficiency.

The Excite ablates all materials, from opaque to highly transparent, including delicate powders, hard quartz and resilient carbonates with depth penetration in the tens of nanometers per shot. The beam energy profile is homogenized to ensure uniform ablations across the entire range of spot sizes and on a wide range of materials.

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