Technology: GPC/SEC


Powerful polymer characterization up to 220 °C


Powerful polymer characterization up to 220 °C

The Agilent PL-GPC 220 is an integrated GPC/SEC system that features unbeatable reproducibility for any application, across the entire operating range. An extremely powerful platform, the PL-GPC 220 runs almost all polymer, solvent and temperature combinations, with full automation and advanced detection, from ambient up to 220 °C.


  • Maintains sample solubility – all sample carrying components thermostated up to 220 °C
  • Proven industry standard – market-leading in high-temperature GPC
  • Excellent performance – High quality detectors fitted with low dispersion flow cells for excellent signal-noise ratios with minimal baseline drift and maximum sensitivity
  • Spacious and easy-access oven – Holds up to six 300 mm columns, easily accessible for comfortable and safe operation
  • Flexible multi-detector capability –The oven accommodates refractive index, light scattering and viscometry detectors. A flow cell interface for FTIR via heated transfer line is also available for complete polymer characterization
  • Safe solvent module – Solvent handling is fully integrated, with leak detection and automated shut down for operator safety
  • Easy to program, easy to use – Sophisticated software manages all aspects of instrument control and data analysis, with on-screen help always available
  • Dual-zone heated autosampler – Minimizes baseline disturbance and eliminates the risk of sample precipitation or degradation during a run
  • Sample preparation option – Efficient dissolution and filtration of samples prior to analysis
  • High precision, extremely robust – High performance pump for reproducible molecular weights
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