GC-TOF BenchTOF Select

Technology: GC-TOF and GC-QTOF

SepSolve Analytical

Featuring exclusive Tandem Ionisation® capability

Users of BenchTOF-Select are analysts who need the extra confidence that comes with soft ionisation, but don’t want the hassle of ion-source changes and can’t afford to compromise on sensitivity.
The additional confidence delivered by soft EI has proven vital for challenging petrochemical and fragrance analyses, especially for the identification of isomers that are indistinguishable at 70 eV.​
Product benefits
Acquire hard and soft ionisation data simultaneously using Tandem Ionisation® – for unparalleled productivity.
Confidently identify unknowns and routinely distinguish between structurally similar compounds.
Enjoy greater confidence in identification, thanks to BenchTOF-Select’s reference-quality 70 eV spectra and complementary soft EI spectra.
Eliminate the hassle, expense and sensitivity loss associated with other soft ionisation techniques.
Expand your laboratory’s capability by improving detection of trace-level compounds in complex matrices.
Speed up analysis of complex samples with fast GC and GC×GC.
Streamline your instrument control, method development and data analysis with TOF-DS™ or ChromSpace® software platforms.
Application notes
Reliable speciation of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID with Tandem Ionisation

This study demonstrates the use of flow-modulated GC×GC to analyse a FAME standard and FAMEs from a butter extract, with simultaneous detection by TOF MS and FID for improved speciation.

File size: 674 KB
Flavour profiling of milk using high‑capacity sorptive extraction and TD–GC×GC–TOF MS/FID

This study demonstrates the high performance of PDMS sorptive extraction probes, coupled with thermal desorption pre‑concentration and INSIGHT™ flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID analysis, for the separation and identification of flavour compounds in milk.

File size: 982 KB
Comprehensive analysis of coffee bean extracts by GC×GC–TOF MS

This study shows that GC×GC with time-of-flight mass spectrometry provides a high-performance solution for screening complex coffee-bean extracts for key aroma compounds.

File size: 1,014 KB
Comparison of aroma compounds in whisky by SPME–GC×GC–TOF MS/FID

This study demonstrates the high performance of a flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS system, coupled with sample preparation by solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME), for the separation and identification of trace volatiles in three brands of whisky.

File size: 816 KB
Comprehensive analysis of tobacco smoke using TD–GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation

In this study, we use thermal desorption (TD) for collection and analysis of whole cigarette emissions, and couple it with flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS, to enable smoke constituents to be routinely and confidently sampled, separated and identified.

File size: 582 KB
Tackling the extended list of fragrance allergens by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID

This preliminary study investigates the use of flow-modulated GC×GC to analyse an 84-component allergen calibration standard, with simultaneous detection by TOF MS for confident identification and FID for robust quantitation.

File size: 2 MB
Enhanced separation of hop oils by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS

This study demonstrates the high performance of a flow-modulated GC×GC–MS system for the evaluation of complex hop oils, which allows effective modulation of even the most volatile components without the need for expensive liquid cryogen.

File size: 696 KB
Detailed characterisation of essential oils by flow-modulated GC×GC and Tandem Ionisation mass spectrometry

In this study, flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation is used to characterise essential oils in fine detail, allowing the indepth comparison of their compositions that aids rigorous quality control, particularly in the fragrance industry.

File size: 642 KB


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