Target View SW MARKES

Software for detection & identification of compounds in GC–MS profiles


TargetView provides extensive GC–MS data-​mining functionality, while being far less complicated and much easier to learn than other software platforms.

The advanced algorithms used by TargetView work ‘behind the scenes’. You don’t need to understand the detail of how it operates, or to be an expert at chemometrics, to get accurate, reliable results.

TargetView’s interface allows you to delve into the results as much as you want – from a simple ‘yes/no’ confirmation that a particular compound is present, to detailed examination of elution profiles, comparison of mass spectra, and generation of extracted-ion chromatograms.

TargetView brings the following benefits to the GC–MS analyst:

  • Identification of target compounds and ‘unknowns’
  • Rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries
  • Rapid creation of spectral libraries from various sources
  • Simple reports
  • Elimination of background interferences
  • Deconvolution of co-eluting compounds
  • Multi-vendor compatibility
  • Calculate linear retention index values for target compounds

What you can do…

  • Learn TargetView quickly – it’s far simpler than equivalent software packages
  • Find trace-level compounds in complex matrices
  • Resolve contributions from co-eluting compounds
  • Understand what your sample contains in a glance with TargetView’s simple report
  • Interpret results easily using TargetView’s interactive chromatogram
  • Prepare spectral libraries easily
  • Unify your laboratory procedures by processing data using a single platform
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