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Cary 660/670 FT-IR

The Cary 660 FTIR is only available in conjunction with the Cary 610 or Cary 620 FTIR Microscope systems.


The Agilent Cary 660 FTIR is a versatile, high performing spectrometer designed to meet routine spectrometry and research application needs.
The Cary 660 FTIR is controlled using high performance operating software and can also be fitted with a wide range of accessories to provide extra capabilities.
The common platform of Agilent’s Cary 660/670 FTIR spectrometers enables the performance and capabilities to be easily and cost-effectively scaled to meet challenging applications.
The Cary 660 FTIR offers superb performance levels, spectral resolutions and signal-to-noise measurements.
It is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries from petro/chemicals to materials/polymers and life sciences.


  • High spectral resolution and fast kinetics speeds, providing information-rich results
  • High signal-to-noise (S/N) performance, providing the higher sensitivity and productivity than competitive models.
  • Robust and reliable hardware with powerful, intuitive software for ultimate productivity.
  • Comprehensive range of options such as step-scan, TGA-IR, microscopy and chemical imaging, to meet all your application needs.
  • Intelligent electronics for accessory and component recognition, providing seamless changeovers and automatic method optimization.
  • Resolutions Pro FTIR Software
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