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Detailed analysis of evolved gases during TGA experiment

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TGA-GCMS SRA IST-16 - Storage Interface for gas

Detailed analysis of evolved gases during TGA experiment

The SRA IST-16 storage interface is an automated multi-loop unit for coupling with a TGA apparatus.

During thermal degradation of materials, the composition of evolved gas from TGA varies too fast for the GC or GC/MS device to follow properly its characterization. With the IST-16 interface, GC analysis duration is not anymore a limitation for the TGA profile study.

The IST-16 collects samples from TGA during the thermal transition according to a user-defined sequence. The samples are stored in up to 16 heated loops. The IST-16 can start automatically the GC analysis sequence after the storage completion.

The IST-16 is provided with its own software. It is possible to edit sequences and save methods. The software manages automatically the GC start via a remote connection. With a user-friendly interface, operator can program storage times schedule for all loops independently.

Evolved gases are transferred from TGA to IST-16 and then GC by two heated transfer lines microvolume with special inert coating (up to 300°C max.).

With the IST16, it is possible to correlate the thermal effects with information about the molecular nature, structure and material composition.

The IST16 is designed to be coupled to any TGA model and GC or GC / MS.