To meet the specific application needs, SRA customizes the instrument configuration to optimize evoved gases from TGA to FT-IR.

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SRA T-IR630 e T-IR660 Interface

SRA analytical solution combines TGA quantitative technique to FT-IR determination technique.
Evolved gases from TGA are transferred by SRA interface to Agilent FTIR Cary 630 o 660. 

The system responds to the needs of quantitative determinations of compounds emitted by simple and complex thermal reactions that may occur during the decomposition of the sample. The analyzer can be interfaced with all TGA available on the market.

All analyzers have been developed in accordance with the standards: ISO 9705, prEN 45545-2: 2004, NT FIRE 047, EN ISO 5.659-2. Tests must be conducted by observing all precautions regarding the health and safety of operators (D.5.1 prEN 45.545-2).

Main characteristic:

  • SRA Z-linear gravity cell, provides gas input at the top and exhaust at the bottom, this ensures constant and uniform gas flow.
  • A unique characteristic of the SRA T-IR630 interface is the active gas sampling system with balanced flow. With this solution the Gram Schmidt chromatogram can be perfectly overlaid with the TGA first derivative curve, this proves that both analytical techniques are perfectly synchronised.
  • The cell design, the active gas flow and close control of the cell and transfer line temperatures also ensure rapid cycling of the evolved gas through the cell without risk of contamination.