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Use SOPRANE Software and pilot All MicroGC models available in your lab

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Software SRA Soprane

Adapted for laboratory or process MicroGC applications, SOPRANE, developped by SRA Instruments, has a powerful graphic environment providing effectiveness and easy use. With Soprane you can especially define method and sequence analysis, drive valves, manage several streams, follow trends


  • Create and edit methods ,
  • 1 to 16 stream selection,
  • MicroGC piloting in sample, sequence or automated mode,
  • Peak integration and identification ,
  • Specific calculation (ICV, SCV, density, M, Wobbe index, …),
  • Management of defects and alarms,
  • Visualization and results archiving (values and trends),
  • Report printing (manually or automatically),
  • Data transmission (4-20 mA and serial link) for alarms and values.
  • Fieldbus interface for data transmission : Modbus, Profibus...
  • DDE connectivity for automated applications
  • Pre-Run & post Run for personalized applications
  • External data reading (pressure, temperature), integration in specific calculations
  • Personalized calculation edited directly in Excel (possibility of VBA macro use)
  • Calibration & bake out programming for automated applications
  • Chromatograms comparison , mathematical operations on the signal





Unità di misura disponibili: MJ/m3, KJ/m3, MWh/m3, Wh/m3, Kcal/m3, BTU/si alle temperature di riferimento di 0°C/0°C, 15°C/15°C, 25°C/25°C

Report di analisi: ESTD % e Normalizzato 100%, ESTD % Totale, Allarmi di concentrazione, trend grafico di concentrazione e di qualsiasi parametro calcolato