The BenchTOF™ range of time-of-flight mass spectrometers connect to any GC and offer major sensitivity and productivity advantages for a broad range of GC–MS applications. Designed from first principles for optimum performance, and complemented by comprehensive and innovative software, BenchTOF instruments equip GC–MS laboratories to meet the demands of increasingly complex applications, and so significantly extend the range of services they offer

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BenchTOF-Select unites the power of BenchTOF-HD with Select-eV – Markes’ revolutionary variable-energy ionisation technology.

Product benefits

  • Expand your analytical capability with Select-eV® – confidently identify unknowns and routinely distinguish between structurally similar compounds.
  •  Acquire hard and soft ionisation data simultaneously using Tandem Ionisation® – for unparalleled productivity.
  •  Enjoy greater confidence in identification, thanks to BenchTOF-Select’s reference-quality 70 eV spectra and complementary soft EI spectra.
  •  Eliminate the hassle and expense associated with other soft ionisation techniques.
  •  Expand your laboratory’s capability by improving detection of trace-level compounds in complex matrices.
  •  Speed up analysis of complex samples with fast GC and GC×GC.
  •  Streamline your instrument control, method development and data analysis with TOF-DS™ software and its optional ChromSpace® GC×GC module.


  •  Unique Select-eV® and Tandem Ionisation® capability, giving complementary soft EI spectra with enhanced molecular ions and reduced fragmentation in a single run.
  •  SIM-like sensitivity for trace-level analysis of targets and unknowns in a single run.​
  •  Reduced chemical noise/background, improving detection limits for target compounds.
  •  Powerful TOF-DS™ software for instrument control and data analysis, including real-time processing​ and unlockable parameters for fast method development.
  •  Sub-unit mass selectivity to eliminate matrix interferences and improve signal-to-noise ratios.
  •  High-speed spectral acquisition ensuring compatibility with GC and GC×GC.​
  • Robust ion source design – meaning source cleaning is recommended only once a year, as part of the routine annual service.